ANNE PRO 2D is available today


This was an exploration by the HEXCORE team, and we refactored the firmware and software.

The firmware was upgraded to the 3.0 kernel, which brought a higher response rate. The new software — Hexcore Link, optimizes the interface logic and makes it easier to use. At the same time, audio virtualization and screen ambient lighting have been added, so that the software and hardware have a better linkage.

ANNE PRO 2D (AP2D) comes in two colorways — "Black Crystal" and "White Crystal", both the keycaps and bottom case are translucent; Support 5-pin hot swappable keyboard switches; Support Bluetooth LE 5.0/USB-C Dual Mode; Support full-key customizable keycode; Support full-key customizable RGB led. Support for more exploration.

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New Keyboard Product: ANNE CLASSIC D87 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

A good keyboard contain three basic elements: material, function and stability. Good materials can improve product quality, rich functions make better user experience, good stability is the core of a keyboard. on the three elements above, we designed a new keyboard: ANNE CLASSIC D87 RGB.

Hardware, ANNE CLASSIC D87 RGB uses PBT Double Shot Keycaps + ABS material shell, equiped Gateron / Cherry switch, RGB LED backlight.
Functions, ANNE CLASSIC D87 RGB support these features: BIOS compatible in NKRO, configurable layout and RGB, TAP and Magic FN.

At the same time, we have created a new feature: QUICK NUM for the D87, which gives the TKL keyboard the same number area as the full-size keyboard, making the TKL keyboard much more playable and easy to use.

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New Brand Launch: HEXCORE

First of all, thanks for your support.
From now on, OBINS and OBINSLAB merge into our new brand: HEXOCRE.
Hexcore is a brand founded by a group of designers and programmers full of dreams, dedicated to become an excellent peripherals company.

"Persist In Change,Make it Different" is the first slogan came up with the team, and innovation is the most essential requirement for every product. We believe: All of our changes will make our products a little better more or less. It's not just Hexcore, but should all of the compnay in the industry, that are constantly innovating and pushing the whole industry forward.

In 2021, We udpate our slogan to "Digital Innovation". So we merge the OBINS and OBINSLAB which were created years ago into HEXCORE. We will take digital technology research and development in persist.

As more and more yonng designers and engineers join us, our team is getting younger, more professional and more energetic. We believe that, HEXCORE will create more interesting products and bring more new ideas and happiness to players.